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ASMP Call to Action: Copyright Reform - DEADLINE EXTENDED

ASMP has EXTENDED THE DEADLINE for submitting relevant comments, experiences and stories for us to consider in our response to the U.S. Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry examining how photographs and other visual works are monetized, enforced and registered under the Copyright Act. The new cut off date is JULY 17. Visit Copyright Reform for details.

Message From the Executive Director

"When asked why a client should hire an ASMP member, I say professionalism is the key. Professionals know things, and can do things that others can't. We draw out unspoken client needs through conversation and deep listening. We make the creative process fun and rewarding for clients. We manage business relationships without friction or drama. We anticipate and solve problems. We keep commitments. We deliver compelling, clear and powerful visual images that resonate with audiences. And in the end, our professionalism has a way of making everyone around us better. That's who our ASMP professionals are, and that's what they do."
  — Tom Kennedy, ASMP Executive Director

ASMP National Board Meeting

The ASMP National Board of Directors met with ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy in Raleigh, NC on June 11 and 12. Discussions focused on increasing the value of ASMP membership by expanding mechanisms for identifying member needs and developing higher touch, more personalized services at all levels. Chapters and Specialty Groups play a critical role in creating ASMP's "photographers helping photographers" culture and the board brainstormed how to help and support ASMP leaders in their efforts. The board also confirmed that ASMP should continue to expand advocacy efforts related to Copyright reform as it offers a very real opportunity for ASMP to affect positive change for our members and our industry. "The board was energetic, passionate and generous with their ideas," notes National Board Chair Jenna Close, "I came away from the meeting feeling very proud of our organization and everyone who dedicates their time to it."

Stolen Goods Alert: Lens Pro To Go

Lens Pro To Go suffered a break-in at their Concord, MA location over the weekend of June 13-14. Nearly $600,000 worth of gear was stolen. Please reference this list of stolen serial numbers before purchasing any gear sold outside of an authorized retail establishment. We thank ASMP New England for spearheading this effort to raise awareness of the crime.

Eiler Awarded 3rd Annual ASMP Susan Carr Educator Prize

ASMP is pleased to announce that Terry Eiler, co-founder and professor emeritus of the School of Visual Communication in the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, has been awarded the 3rd annual ASMP Susan Carr Educator Prize for his significant contributions to the education of photography students and professional photographers. The Prize honors the memory of former ASMP Education Director Susan Carr, whose dedication to clarifying sound business practices helped thousands of working photographers build successful careers. The Prize was awarded at the PDN Annual Awards Gala in New York City on June 10. Read the full press release here.


July 9, 2015: ASMP Call to Action

ASMP is collecting examples of photography contracts used throughout the music industry to form the basis for a cohesive advocacy effort within this arena. We seek examples with terms that are favorable to photographers as well as those with unfavorable terms. If you have kept copies of contracts sent to you by bands, management teams, labels, venues, etc. - whether you have chosen to sign them or not - please send a PDF copy to

NOTE: ASMP will make every effort to keep all submissions anonymous and and will redact any details likely to enable identification of the submitter.

Band Contracts Advocacy Effort

Taylor Swift's June 21, 2015 Open Letter to Apple prompted photographer Jason Sheldon to publish an open letter of his own, lambasting Swift for the terms her management team requires professional photographers to accept. Click here to read the contract used by Taylor Swift's promotional company. You can read Sheldon's original open letter here and see his response to her spokesperson's rebuttal here.

ASMP promptly reached out to Firefly Entertainment, Swift's management team, and others to discuss an improvement in terms.

The issue continues to gain traction as publications such as the Irish Times, which published an editorial outlining why they had no photographic coverage of Swift's June 29 concert, deem the contract "...'too restrictive’ for a working newspaper-and-website."

Other band contracts are coming under similar scrutiny by photographers and publishers alike. On July 2nd, the Washington City Paper published an article about its decision to forego photographic coverage of the Foo Fighters concert in response to their rights grabbing contract. Other performers, such as Kid Rock use similarly restrictive contracts.

ASMP is deeply disturbed by this trend in music and celebrity photography contracts. ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy notes:

"I applaud the principled stance being taken by The Washington City Paper and other publications in refusing to accept these terms as the quid pro quo for permitted concert coverage. I find it very disheartening that another group of independent artists doesn't recognize how their own contracts are adversely impacting a fellow artistic community.

I think the only rational response is to recognize that this is symptomatic of the larger issue: namely that the intent of copyright to protect and support the creative work of independent individual creators is routinely subverted and undermined by contract terms found in many photo contracts. The only rational response, in my opinion, is to eschew the work and reject the assignments, while continuing to look for ways to change the contract terms and dynamics of the interactions by explaining the negative impacts to clients and the public alike.

By choosing to seek onerous terms, the musicians are actually undermining their own case for support from the public and promoting a double standard that is very hypocritical, and that in turn makes their brand far less credible when they cry foul about music piracy.

Taken to the extreme, this could have a very chilling effect on the capacity of professional photographers to provide contributions to our cultural heritage and the visual history of our times. Society cannot depend on the contributions of amateurs alone to address those outcomes of conscious visual image creation."

We will continue to reach out to musicians in the hopes of arriving at a fair solution that balances their need to protect their likeness with the needs of photographers to secure fair compensation for their work.

Copyright Office Issues Orphan Works & Mass Digitization Report

On June 4, the U.S. Copyright Office released Orphan Works and Mass Digitization: A Report of the Register of Copyrights. The Report "documents the legal and business challenges faced by good faith users who seek to use orphan works and/or engage in mass digitization projects. It provides a series of legislative recommendations that offer users a way forward out of gridlock, but also take into account the legitimate concerns and exclusive rights of authors and other copyright owners."   Click here to read the report.

Copyright Office Recommends Pilot Collective Licensing Program

On June 9, the U.S. Copyright Office released a Notice of Inquiry requesting comments on a limited pilot program that would establish a legal framework known as extended collective licensing for certain mass digitization activities that are currently beyond the reach of the Copyright Act. "ASMP supports the Copyright Office's assessment that a limited collective licensing mechanism could be an effective solution to issues arising out of mass digitization," notes Tom Kennedy, adding "but the devil is in the details and ASMP will be submitting comments outlining our position on the issues most vital to protect photographers' interests." Click here to read the NOI.

It's Time to Act

ASMP is fighting hard to ensure that your needs are heard during these critical early days of the first major Copyright reform movement since 1976 and we need your help! Global corporations with deep pockets have already aligned against the interests of independent creators. Only our numbers and a strong, unified voice can counter their lobbyists and their messaging. If you haven't yet joined ASMP or if your membership is up for renewal, don't delay. Visit today.

  • On June 11, ASMP filed a Memorandum in Opposition to New York Senate Bill 5650 / Assembly Bill No. 7904, which proposed granting a 70 year retroactive and descendible right of publicity to all deceased residents of New York State, regardless of their celebrity status. MPAA, DMLA and NPPA are working with ASMP in a concerted effort to block this change. Read ASMP's comments here.

  • Members across the country report that a variation on the Advance Funds scam, where someone posing as a client asks you to pay another vendor who doesn't accept credit cards and add those charges to your bill, which they then pay with an invalid credit card, continues to make the rounds. These bogus queries are arriving via e-mail and text. Learn more about this and other scams targeting photographers here.

  • We have also heard from members who have been asked to produce work on spec for Zooppa, a platform that solicits on behalf of large brands seeking to crowd-source ads with the promise of prizes for the winning creative. The Membership Agreement assigns to the sponsoring brand all rights, title and interest to all submissions - not just those selected for prizes - and includes an indemnification clause and other terms that are clearly not in the best interests of creators. ASMP urges all creators to read all Terms, Agreements and Policies carefully and to weigh the risks against the rewards before submitting work through this platform.

ASMP's Business as unUsual webinar series is on summer hiatus and will recommence in September. During this time, we'll be lining up great presentations for the 2015-2016 season. Please send any speaker or topic suggestions you'd like to see us pursue to Director of Content Strategy Judy Herrmann at

Questions with a Pro

Don't miss Scott Gable, Chase Jarvis, and Ami Vitale sharing their thoughts on business, creativity, marketing, technique and more in our Questions with a Pro series on Facebook and Twitter. Come back each week to find your favorite pros answering 2-4 of our questions. #questionswithapro. Got questions you'd like to ask or a Pro you'd like us to feature? Send your ideas to

Coming up on the Strictly Business Blog

Visit ASMP's Strictly Business Blog to find meaty and insightful posts from over 30 industry experts. This week, our contributors share the evolution of their careers and what they've learned along the way. We'll give them a well-earned break for the July 4th holiday and return July 13 with expert advice on the nitty-gritty of production. A new post goes live 5 days per week. Bookmark

ASMP Webinar MP4s

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on any ASMP webinars you may have missed. With nearly 30 recordings from the likes of Julianne Kost, Rosh Sillars, Mary Virginia Swanson, Kat Dalager, Mari Smith, Frank Meo, Doug Menuez and many more, you'll find a depth and breadth of information custom tailored to your needs as a professional still or motion photographer. ASMP members get free access to these recorded webinars on demand or as downloadable MP4 files. Visit for a complete listing of available programs.

Michael Weschler’s work is part of an exhibition: “The I of the Camera” at the Flomenhaft Gallery in New York City through April 25, 2015. Don Jones, Buffalo Bill from “Ten Mavericks,” is one of the etched glass prints in the exhibition (photo left) and, according to Michael, “Each of these portraits uncover men who pursued their dreams with unwavering integrity and tenacity, and for that, we recognize them each as mavericks.” More here.

Barry Rosenthal is part of the “The I of the Camera” exhibition mentioned above. ‘By using a combination of sculpture and photography and breaking down found-object trash into themes of type, color, or whimsy, Rosenthal is able to bring awareness to global issues such as ocean pollution or drug abuse.’ The photo displayed is “Blue Ocean,” 2013. More.


George Kamper won Silver for Beauty and the Reef in both the Photography and Retouching categories in One Eyeland’s Annual Photography Competition. See the images here.

Stephen Mallon recently had a photographic exhibit, Patterns of Interest: Photography by Stephen Mallon, at the Kimmel Galleries of New York University. (Photo here is from the exhibit.) In addition, his work on Next Stop Atlantic has gone viral and been displayed on CBS, CNN and other venues. For more on this, go here.

Djinane Alsuwayeh’s project Histoire Urbaines is a series of portraits “of a city that inspired my creative process. A juxtaposition — I was born & lived my artistic education in France; a cultural & artistic hub, boasting one of the world’s most creatively experimental capitals (my negatives as a metaphor to my first steps in photography,) & yet was raised in Kuwait, what is considered to be a late developing nation, with a sleepy & stagnant fine arts sector (my silhouetted portraits.)” See the project here.

Larry Fink and Walter Iooss will be featured at the Look3 Festival 2015 in June in historic downtown Charlottesville, VA. Look3 will turn the town into a vibrant art space with world-class exhibitions, talks, projections, events, and workshops. Read more about Larry here. Read about Walter here.


  • ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy will be the Keynote speaker for
    the VII Evolution Tour on Saturday March 28 at the NPR Headquarters
    in Washington, DC. More info here.

  • Kennedy and National Board Chair Gail Mooney will be traveling to
    New York in early April to visit with ASMP’s NY Chapter.


Find a Spot with ParkingPanda

Find, reserve and pay for parking at lots and garages using your smartphone or desktop computer. Have your spot waiting for you, guaranteed, when you arrive. ParkingPanda is now active in 40 US cities. ASMP members get 20% off; details here.

Greentoe Offers Cash-Back

Greentoe is now offering a 4% cash-back rebate to ASMP members. Greentoe is a “name your own price” online marketplace. All you do is specify the price you are willing to pay for the product you want to buy. Then Greentoe will automatically check with its network of certified retailers to see who is willing to meet that price. Now ASMP members get an additional 4% rebate. Details are here.

Think Tank Photo Offers Free Laptop Case

Think Tank Photo has announced a special offer that runs through March 31, 2015. Purchase any new rolling camera bag directly from Think Tank, mail in the rebate form downloadable from their website, and they will send you a 15” laptop case for free! In addition to receiving the free laptop, when you check out of their shopping cart you will be asked what other Think Tank item you would like to receive for free with your order. Click here to find out more!

FedEx Adds Reward Points

Save money on your shipping and earn rewards for your loyalty with FedEx. Enroll in the FedEx Advantage program and enjoy discounts of up to 16% on FedEx services. Then join My FedEx Rewards and earn gift cards and brand-name merchandise when you ship. More here.

Get the Best Discount Available!

ASMP Members enjoy the best discount available on the Palm Springs Photo Festival! Save 10% on all fees for reviews, workshops, daily registration and more. Spend three exhilarating days with Mark Seliger, Dan Winters, Frank Ockenfels III, Jock Sturges, Ron Haviv and other celebrated master photographers. Present your portfolio to some of the most sought-after ad agencies, magazines, galleries and more. ASMP members, click here to get your 10% discount.

ASMP Members save $100 on NAB

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual expo brings nearly 98,000 media and entertainment professionals together for over 500 skill-building sessions and a tradeshow featuring nearly 2,000 exhibitors. ASMP members save $100 off a Smart Pass, which gives you access to nearly everything NAB has to offer or registration for the Post | Production World Conference at NAB, featuring educational programs specifically for creators. Learn more about NAB at ASMP members, click here to get your $100 discount.

Members Receive 25% Off Clickbooq Subscription

Clickbooq has just launched the latest version of its platform — the complete website solution built for photographers to showcase their work in a visually stunning format. Both the Toolbox web application and clickbooq websites have been rebuilt using HTML5 and Javascript. This ensures your site is accessible from any device and displays consistently the way you want. Clickbooq’s new sites have been redesigned to allow for large images that scale responsively. ASMP members receive 25% off clickbooq Pro Annual subscriptions. More info here.

Take advantage of all the great benefits offered exclusively to ASMP members! Go here to see all the ASMP Member Benefits that save you money, increase your knowledge and make running your business easier.


ASMP at SuperMeet

ASMP will host a table at the Las Vegas SuperMeet, Tuesday April 14 from 7 - 11 pm. ASMP Board Chair Gail Mooney will be available to discuss business and technical aspects of working with motion, as well as to answer questions about ASMP. For more info, go here.


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