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ASMP-CT Presents

"The Pumpkin Plan" with Mike Michalowicz

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Want to grow your business and work smarter, not harder?

Join us for the entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz's presentation "The Pumpkin Plan" as seen on Creative Live, TedEx, and MSNBC's Your Business!

And check out Mike's interview about his talk to ASMP CT with Seshu Badrinath on Tiffin Box!


Like so many entrepreneurs, Michalowicz was a struggling entrepreneur working 25 hours a day, eight days a week and still taking home less than his receptionist when he read an article about how farmers grow giant, prize-winning pumpkins and realized he could apply their methods to grow a colossally successful, remarkable business.

"I was resistant to it at first, because some of the methods farmers of gigantic pumpkins use - plant one type of seed, then kill off the weakest plants and nurture the strongest - are the opposite of what I was taught to do," Michalowicz says. "But after firing my first batch of 'weak' clients, I saw immediate positive results that continued to build. Then, I implemented other strategies that broke the rules, such as never asking for client referrals and asked for vendor referrals instead, and the company experienced explosive growth in a short period of time."

Mike's got a great will be thoroughly entertained and leave with a lot to think about!


  • Mike launched 3 multimillion-dollar companies, all before his 35th birthday
  • Mike was awarded the SBA's Young Entrepreneur of The Year when he was 26
  • Mike sold his first two companies and is CEO of his third, Provendus Group
  • Mike is the Author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (2008)
  • BusinessWeek called Mike's book "the must read entrepreneur's cult classic"
  • Mike is the Author of The Pumpkin Plan (2012)
  • Mike is segment host of MSNBC's Your Business (Business Makeovers)
  • Mike is a small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal
  • Mike is an expert business coach for Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Mike's books have been translated into over 5 different languages
  • Mike keynotes events throughout the world including universities, entrepreneurial organizations, TEDx, Creative Live, major business conferences and corporations of all sizes

This event will be held at Yale University's Linsly-Chittenden Hall, Room 105. Parking information can be found on our Event Venue Information page.