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ASMP-HTX Presents

Rebooting Your Business Brain 2.0 Workshop with Carolyn Potts

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

On Friday afternoon, Jan. 30, Carolyn will be doing a workshop for a select group of photographers who would like to implement, in real time. some of the topics she'll cover during her Thursday evening marketing seminar. Space is limited to 10 people.

Some of the marketing strategies and tactics that may be covered include:

  • Tips on how to find your ideal clients (clients that are right for you).

  • Learn the research techniques that reps use. Find out how to add viable names to your "I-want-to-work-for-this-client" list.

  • Get ideas on how to target them which you can implement after the workshop.

  • See how you to use a database to track your sales and marketing progress. Practice setting one up.

  • Practice creating a marketing plan for 2015. Write a draft and get live feedback.

  • Get a critique of your current portfolio presentation. Do you show too much? Too little? Is it organized correctly?

  • Get feedback on your website, particularly on your About page copy. Find out if it will appeal to prospective clients or if you're making the same mistake made by so many other photographers.

  • Learn how to build your LinkedIn page (if that's an appropriate social media resource for you) the right way; so that it builds leads.

  • Get a review of your branding. Get suggestions for any necessary improvement. Get ideas on where to get affordable but decent design help.

  • Get ideas on running the business side of your business more effectively. Learn to identify what tasks you, and only you, should do and which tasks you should be delegating so you can grow to the next level.

  • Get tips on where to find affordable help and how to effectively delegate to others.

YOU'LL ALSO GET LIVE PRACTICE (don't worry, it'll be fun!):

  • Role playing exercise in connecting with a prospective client during a portfolio presentation.

  • Role play an estimating scenario with a prospective client.

  • Role play a pricing/negotiation discussion.

  • Practice giving a lead-generating answer to the the question "so what do you do?"

The value of the information in the afternoon workshop if priced individually, would be at least $1000 in private sessions. But the fee for the afternoon workshop is only: $150 for members, if you sign up early!

And finally, Carolyn is also available on Saturday for private, one-on-one PORTFOLIO REVIEW/MARKETING STRATEGY SESSIONS to completely focus on you and your business. She'll go over your portfolio and current plans. In your session you'll get a honest feedback/editing tips, some marketing ideas and information which will immediately help your business.

More info is available on her blog.

FEE: Carolyn's usual rate is $250/hr. You can save money when you book using Early-bird Discounts:

Book within 3 days of the event: 5% discount. Contact her directly to book at 312-560-6400.

Comments from recent seminar attendees

"Very practical info....I gained great insight about promotion" -DV

"When in the trenches, you fail to notice simple, effective ways to market yourself. However, when someone with a broad perspective and deep understanding of the business points them out, you immediately recognize the value and necessity of using those strategies in a marketing plan." -JP

"Carolyn gave current information for things I can use to promote my photography NOW" -ED

Kind sponsorship support from: Yodelist and TexCam.

ASMP members, there are only 10 seats available for this event so sign up now! If any seats are available after Jan. 14 the event will be open for non-members to attend and prices will go up on Jan. 19.

*Registration refunds will be available pending wait list replacement to fill your vacant seat.