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This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Bridging the gap between portrait and editorial photographers alike, Nick examines the amazing images he has created throughout his career and explains his problem solving methods. He talks about techniques he has mastered during his career, discusses trick approaches to many of his shots, and give tips on low cost special effects.

One of the most intriguing parts of Nick's program is seeing the client provided layouts that range from sketches on bar napkins to elaborate marker comps, set alongside the finished photograph. He will visually walk you through the steps he took to arrive at each completed image. Nick also has short motion clips that show him doing the actual Photo Shoot.

We'll have cool giveaways and Pro Photo Supply will have a selection of still and cinema gear for you to check out!

Nick has become an icon in commercial photography over his many years in the business. He explains the need to re-invent yourself every few years. He will discuss his brand identity, his marketing pieces, and how creating new images combined with the newest equipment and techniques keeps the work coming in.

In recognition of his work, Nick has received numerous Gold awards including Best of Show local Addys, part of Grand Effie campaign for Apple Computer, Archive International Top 200 Advertising Photographers, honored as Canon Explorer of Light, numerous top honors for N.A.M.A.

Special thanks to Studio 3, Inc.

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