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ASMP-CT Presents

Encaustic Wax Workshop

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

The encaustic process dates back to Eqypt 100-300 AD, and creates a dreamy, ethereal effect when applied over photographs. This workshop is an introduction to the process. We will learn about what types of images work best, printing, mounting and basic wax application techniques. We will also cover using oil paint sticks to add tone and color to our pieces - get ready to melt some wax!

Topics covered:

  • A super-brief history of the process
  • Pre-made pieces of mine as hands-on samples
  • Types of wax used
  • Optimum ink jet papers for printing
  • Mounting surfaces and adhesives
  • Brief explanation of tools and brushes (which will include heat palettes, tins for melted wax, oil sticks, colored waxes, wood mounting panels, use of the heat gun for effects and bonding layers of wax, scraping wax, creating texture)
  • The fun part - the process itself!
  • Melting of the wax
  • Tinting the wax
  • Basic application options (brushing, pouring etc)
  • Safety and Using the heat gun
  • Effects with the heat gun (fusing layers, re-melting, correcting mistakes)
  • Scraping, etching your wax
  • Layering wax
  • Working oil stick tints in to the wax

Students will need to submit an image at least 2 weeks before the class so Robert may print and mount them in advance of the class. (The mounting process will be demonstrated as well but this is to save time that day so we can get down to business).

You must register and submit your photo by Thursday, September 25. Limit 10 people.

Location: IRIS Photography Photo Studio, 10 LaSalle Road, West Hartford, CT 06107. In West Hartford Center across from Starbucks. There's street parking or a pay lot in the back.

Cost: $15 + $45 material fee = $60 You will leave with your own encaustic on wood!

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