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ASMP-LA Presents

Introduction to Archiving at the Autry National Center

$10 ADMISSION at the door only. Admission allows you to stay for the Autry's Sizzling Summer Nights Series!(

Making the image appear is the life’s work of a photographer, and keeping the image from disappearing, both literally and metaphorically, is work shared by photographers and cultural institutions. Museums, libraries and archives are committed to the preservation of analog and digital photography because it is work of artistic, cultural and physical value. But are these institutions equipped to accept these gifts and are you, the photographer prepared for the reality of the ‘giving’? Liza Posas and Charlie Holland are inviting the ASMP members to the Autry National Center for a talk about safeguarding your photographic legacy. We are reaching out to help photographers stabilize their collections and to understand the steps necessary to prepare their collections for possible donation. Liza, Head Librarian and Archivist, Autry National Center will explain the mission of the archive beyond the long term storage of materials. She will explain the collection policies, donation procedures and accession requirements of these cultural institutions. Liza has been with the Autry National Center for nine years. She supervises the processing, arrangement and description of all the archival collections at the Autry and the Braun Library. Charlie Holland, is currently the Senior Archival Assistant for the Theo Westenberger Archive after a thirty year career in editorial and commercial photography. Charlie will discuss the basics of good record keeping, preventive conservation and the best practices for storing analog materials. She will give specific examples of physical, legal and artistic issues in the preservation and licensing of the Westenberger material