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ASMP Philadelphia Presents

Steve Whittaker: "The Business of Commercial/Architectural Photography"

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

The business of commercial photography is an aspect that constantly requires attention. From estimating, licensing issues, invoicing issues, permits, project coordination and execution, intellectual property issues, all are important factors.

Here Are Some of The Topics He Will Cover:

Estimating /Contracts / Terms and Conditions / Stock issues
ASMP Business Resource Tutorials
Assignment project coordination
Permits/release forms/film commissions
Risk Mitigation /Safety issues

Steve Whittaker is an architectural photographer now based in the Portland area, and originally a San Francisco bay area native. The majority of his work is architectural, interior and aerial photography. His specialty is lighting buildings at dusk. His clients range from architects, interior designers, graphic design firms, advertising agencies, corporate direct, lifestyle and hospitality.