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ASMP-CT Presents

Getting Your Dream Book Project Published

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Do you have a personal project or dream portfolio you want to turn into a book? A subject you're passionate about, that you can show in a whole new way? This workshop takes you from that book idea bouncing around in your head to putting together a solid book proposal, preparing submission materials, beefing up your chances with publishers and planning a book budget.

Gale Zucker, CT ASMP member and guest speaker at a recent Inspire conference, will provide an overview how the book industry works, what must be in a book proposal to get the interest of an acquisitions editor, how to choose publishers to submit to, what kind of submission to prepare, and how to plan your budget once you've got some interest in a contract in motion.

Everyone will leave with a plan of action to move their book idea forward towards reality -- whether it's a vague notion or something they've been shooting already.

Please note: this program is not about self-publishing or print on demand, it is about working in traditional publishing, where you receive an payment / advance to pay you for creating a book, under contract.

The first 6 people to sign up may send in up to ten images of a project they are working on or considering as possible book project material. We'll look at them together and we'll workshop each idea.

William L Harkness Hall, Room 117
Yale University
100 Wall Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Commercial & editorial photographer Gale Zucker shoots real people in real places, in a  storytelling style.  Her alter ego,  She Shoots Sheep Shots, began with a portfolio of sheep, photographed on travel magazine assignments. The assigning editors didn't know they were connecting with her passion for wool, knitting, farms and handcraft.

In 2008 Gale brought her professional work and passion together by co-authoring and photographing  the book Shear Spirit: Ten Farms, Twenty Projects and Miles of Yarn (RandomHouse) . After getting a taste of proposing a book idea and being paid to see it through, she co-authored and photographed the book Craft Activism: People, Projects & Ideas from the New Community of Handmade, also for Random House. It was  chosen for Best Books of 2011 by both Library Journal and Amazon.

These two books are amongst the 20+ she’s photographed as a hired-on photographer, ranging from children’s picture books to travel guides, and journalism to knitwear fashion. She continues to shoot commercial assignments, while developing new book projects.

Gale lives in shoreline CT with her family, and can be found swimming, dog wrangling, at the beach or making stuff, when she doesn’t have a camera in her hands.