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ASMP-MIC Presents

The State of Medium Format Lecture & Open House

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Digital Transitions, in collaboration with ASMP Michigan, will be presenting on the business and technical evolution of medium format since the financial crises.

There is also a daytime workshop available! If you want to become an advanced user of Capture 1 Pro. Be sure to sign up today. Limited seating is available.

Presentation: The State of Medium Format Digital Resource Centerby Douglas Peterson of Digital Transitions

Business Topics: Mergers & Acquisitions, Bankruptcies, ,Financial Health within the Industry

Technical Topics: Hybrid Leaf Shutter Systems, Improved Autofocus Systems, CMOS Systems, Arca/Cambo/Alpa Tech Cameras

Medium Format Open House

Equipment Available:

New Phase One IQ250, Leaf Credo, Phase One P+ Series, Hasselblad Bodies/Lenses, Mamiya Bodies/Lenses, Technical Cameras

Attendees are encouraged to take this opportunity to stress test the equipment, familiarize themselves for the purpose of future assisting or rentals and test the limits of the systems.

There will be a drawing for Capture One Pro 7. You will need to be present to win.

Refreshments will be served.