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ASMP-ASE Presents

Through the Eyes of Julieanne Kost

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

In her work, Julieanne combines her passion for photography, a mastery of digital imaging techniques, along with her degree in psychology, to find within herself the raw components of visual emotion. She will share her favorite personal projects including how she captured, enhanced and published images for her book, Window Seat, the Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking, Passenger Seat - an ongoing project capturing the world in motion, the Art of Compositing in Photoshop, and The Red Thread - a look at how photography helps us see relationships in between the events in our lives.

This program, brought to you by ASMP / Atlanta and Adobe, promises to be an unforgettable discussion of an artist's expression of her vision using the premier digital tool of all time, Photoshop. It's not a demo or a step-by-step class. It is an evening of photographic discovery, exploration and vision through the eyes of Adobe's Senior Graphics Evangelist Julieanne Kost.