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ASMP-ASE Presents

Photography: Q&A - An Evening With Zack Arias

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Atlanta based, editorial and commercial photographer Zack Arias has been a respected and trusted voice in the photography industry. Known for his photography, his teaching, and his ability to connect with photographers, Zack has long had an "open door" approach to discussing his career-the ups and the downs-and in so doing has provided a straightforward and candid look inside the industry. By consistently showing great work and offering helpful advice, he has built a large, loyal readership that looks to him for guidance in navigating the currents of a difficult and dynamic industry.

In his new book Photography Q&A, he took the best of, from the 1000+ questions answered in his popular blog project, ranging from gear, marketing, street photography, vision, pricing, branding, models, work/life balance, technical advice, and much more to offer truly valuable information to the photographer struggling to make his or her way through the twists and turns of its ever-changing landscape.

This is a space limited event and will fill up quickly. Be sure to register well in advance to reserve your seat.