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ASMP-WNY Presents

Registration Counts! Copyright Tutorial with Jim Cavanaugh

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Copyright ownership is automatic for photographers the moment they take the photograph. However, to get the full protections afforded under the United States Copyright Laws, you must take the additional step of registering the images.

The process is a bit complex if you have not done it before. (What would you expect from a government agency?) However, once you have done it a few times and take some simple steps to compile your photographs for the registration it should take no more than 15 minutes to complete a registration

“Registration Counts” will take you through the registration process step by step. You will actually start a registration during the seminar on your own laptop.

VERY IMPORTANT!: If you wish to follow along during the seminar and don’t already have an eCO account, please make sure that you get your eCO account established. Go to and log on to the eCO website. You will be prompted with a few ID fields and will need to set up a user name and password. (Make sure to bring these to the seminar with you.) It will only take a few minutes.

A note on browsers. Safari does not work with the eCO website. FireFox has proven the most compatible. You can download FireFox for this event, here.

We will also cover a few tips on getting your images prepared for the registration.

Copyright is a photographer’s most important asset. Make sure you take the important step of registering all of your work in a timely manner to get full protection in the case of an infringement.

This is a free event to all students, ASMP members, and non-members alike.

You will obviously need to bring a laptop to follow along.

Even though this is a free event, we still need you to register.

A leading expert on the subject of copyright, Jim Cavanaugh is the former Chairman of ASMP’s Copyright Committee and the Business Practices Committee of ASMP/Architecture Specialty Group. He is also Past National president of ASMP. Jim is also an Allied Member of the Buffalo/WNY Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Jim is well known as a strong advocate of copyright issues and ethical business practices in photography. He has lectured extensively on copyright, digital photography and business practices for photographers.