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ASMP-WNY Presents

The Top 10 HR Issues.

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Chris Gwit, a Human resources Consultant from PayChex, presents "The Top 10 HR Issues" seminar which will provide you with a high level overview of the top 10 human resource-related issues experienced by our clients.

NYS is in the process of making major revisions in how they classify and enforce compliance for a variety of employment issues. For many photographers, this will greatly affect the way you work with assistants as the enforcement will be much more strict and the penalties/fees more aggressive. Many photographers may be in a position where they need to start classifying assistants as employees and updating their HR systems accordingly. There is also going to be some changing requirements for safety training, wage fraud prevention, and employment policies and agreements.

This seminar includes:

Hiring practices Fair Labor Standards Act Employee handbooks Harassment Family and Medical Leave Act Workersí compensation Employee discipline and termination Protected activities

This is a free seminar, but we would love it if you could register so we have a good record of attendance.