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ASMP-WNY Presents

PART 2: Where You Fit In: Applying Everything You Learned in PART 1

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Need help making sense of your business and identifying your commercial or editorial market? Here's your opportunity to sign up for a 30 min session with Karen to discuss your visual strengths and how your brand fits into our marketplace. Then join us this afternoon for a group conversation based on finding clients with like minded brands. The final puzzle piece to targeting your marketplace.

This day will be split into two sessions. The first session will be one-on-one with Karen and the second will be the group discussion.

Those who registered for PART 1 on the 18th need not pay for the group discussions session of day 2.

One on one sessions will begin at 10 AM.

The group discussion will start at 2PM and end at 4:30PM

The one on one sessions are limited to 6 people. Bring your digital portfolio, a print book or even a box of prints. $100 per person

Here is the link to register for a time slot and pay for the one on one session with Karen:

After you register and pick your time slot, you will be contacted by Supersaas to either pay by CC over the phone, or you have the option of paying Karen directly by check at the venue location.