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ASMP-WNY Presents

PART 1: Editorial vs Commercial

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Editorial vs Commercial

The words "editorial" and "commercial" represent certain specialties within the professional photography industry, but they also have become synonymous with a way of describing how an image is shot. A magazine photo editor could say your work is too commercial for the magazine or an AD might comment that your images are a little too editorial for their advertising clients.

What do these words really mean? In order to understand your marketplace as a professional photographer, it is important to know which side of this discussion your work falls and how to market this work to the right type of client.

Meet Andrea Maurio and Karen D'Silva. For the past 15+ years Andrea has worked her way through the editorial landscape working for magazines like Runners World, Maxim, Stuff, Shape... to name a few. On the other side Karen D'Silva has made a career in deciphering the commercial world through its needs and trends starting in the stock world as an editor, Art Director, finally creative director for Photonica... and then co-founder of Spark and later KD creative services.

Join us for an honest discussion on what defines an editorial and commercial image, how to shoot for magazines and advertising agencies, and how to promo your business to these kinds of clients.

Topics to cover:
-The differences between editorial and commercial images.
-Taking your visual strengths and developing the right target audience.
-Deciphering your marketplace.
-Marketing the right work to your creative audience.

Speaker Bio: Andrea Maurio has spent the past 15+ years mastering her skills as a both a Magazine Photo Editor & Photo Shoot Producer. Andrea has worked for some of the top ranking national magazines, including Runner's World, Shape, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Maxim, Stuff, Entertainment Weekly and New York Magazine. She earned her BA from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. She currently is a Creative Consultant for Agency Access.

Speaker Bio: Karen DʼSilva is one of todayʼs most influential Creatives within the commercial photography community. She founded Karen DSilva Creative Services, a trend, marketing & research company designed to help photographers understand the marketplace, find where their images fit, and profile and market to clients who share the same photographic vision. Ms. DʼSilva also co-founded Spark Visual Research, ran the creative department for Photonica NA, and built the first art direction departments for Image Bank and Getty Images. With a rich background in creative strategy, coaching, and art direction, Karen has contributed to some of the world's top commercial photographers by instinctually leading Creatives towards tomorrow's marketplace demands.