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ASMP-ASE Presents

An Evening with Lindsay Adler

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

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Join ASMP and Sigma for an Evening with Lindsay Adler

World renowned fashion photographer and author, Lindsay Adler shares her inspirations, her flair and how she deal with "Evil Light."

Where is inspiration? How is it found? Lindsay begins by discussing her creative process focusing on sources of inspiration and ways of nurturing an idea then bringing it to life with flair! She explores how she gathers her creative team, her lighting techniques, lens choices, and the many other elements of couture photography. She explains in detail how she makes impactful high fashion photographs in the studio or on location. When it comes to location work a whole different set of lighting challenges arise.

Outdoors in mid day sun in a field, strong backlight, overcast, an interior lit with fluorescents are all what Lindsay calls "Evil Light." She takes on these worst case scenarios providing multiple solutions for each one. She explains the best solutions and why one might be preferable. All the while she is laser focused on creating explosive photographs.

*Find inspiration. *Embrace creativity. *Conquer "Evil Light.

Master all three with Lindsay Adler as your guide.