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A Brave New Workflow:

Workflow in Real Time

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

WORKFLOW IN REAL TIME will be a start-to-finish demonstration of an entire time-proven Professional Digital Workflow using MAC OS, Bridge, Adobe Camera RAW and Photoshop and Extensis Portfolio. This workflow will later be divided into segments and taught in-depth in a series of 2-3 evenings.

By demonstrating the complete workflow from capture to archiving, this program will allow you to experience how efficient a workflow can be. You will learn how adhering to a consistent, repeatable series of steps for image download, organization, RAW processing, editing, output, and archiving can increase efficiency and quality - and make you a more creative photographer.

Additionally, as part of a special perk for coming to Workflow in real time. Meet some of the young photographers who participated in YPA.