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ASMP-LA Presents

Introduction to Time-Lapse Photography w/ Jeff Frost

In this workshop fine art filmmaker Jeff Frost will take you through the stages of time lapse photography starting with interval shooting, and ending with post production in Adobe Lightroom and video editing in Premiere. In the first segment Jeff will reveal the secrets of how to get the most from subjects whether they’re stars at night, bustling crowds in a city square, or cotton clouds drifting by on a summer day. In the second half students will gain a thorough understanding of the post production workflow required to make eye popping time lapse films. Secrets of batch processing and exporting time lapse sequences from Adobe Lightroom will be covered and students will have a chance to experience hands on processing of the images themselves in a computer lab. Finally, video editing, including tips on where to source audio for soundtracks, will conclude your newfound understanding of the workflow required to make professional time lapses.

Watch Jeff Frost’s fine art films: War Paint for Trees ( and Flawed Symmetry of Prediction (

Explore the still portfolios of Jeff’s time lapse films on his website:

ARTIST BIO: Jeff Frost explores the world by searching for abandoned buildings. When he finds a room in one that he likes he paints a large scale optical illusion on the inside of the room, and records that process with time lapse photography. He then creates films from the tens of thousands of digital pictures he’s taken. Recently his soon to be released film, Modern Ruin, was featured at the Palm Springs Photo Festival, where due to popular demand it was aired three nights at the Palm Springs Museum of Art. His latest film, War Paint for Trees, was commissioned by Vimeo for the Lincoln Motors ‘Hello Again’ campaign. His work has gone viral and has been written about by The Atlantic, Discover, Phil Plait (The Bad Astronomer) and many others.

Class size is limited. Participants will need to bring their own cameras, lenses and tripods. Students will have access to a computer lab, but students w/ their own copies of Adobe Lightroom and Premiere CS4 or later are encouraged to bring their own laptops. Some intervelometers will be furnished, but anyone w/ access to one is encouraged to bring one.