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ASMP-WNY Presents

The Business of Video By Gail Mooney

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

The business of still photography has changed forever when the "hybrid" camera came on the scene. A still camera is just one tool that a visual creator needs to be proficient with in order to compete. In the last couple of years, many still photographers have either closed shop or modified their business models to stay relevant with changes in technology. Many still photographers are offering video and motion services to their existing still photography clients, but not aware of the consequences from a business point of view.

There are plenty of seminars out there that teach the "tools" of video as well as how to use those tools — from the DSLR to the RED and everything in between. But what seems to be lacking in many workshops is teaching the fundamentals of video production business practices. Everyone has questions pertaining to the business of video — how to price it — how to estimate for it — how to market it etc.. The business of video is quite different in many ways from the business of photography and, as still photographers migrate into that arena, they run the risk of making some mistakes from a business point of view that could put them out of business before they even get started.

Some topics that will be covered:

  • Video production — a collaborative effort
  • Work for Hire (or not)
  • Producing and building a team
  • Managing a project — breaking it down
  • Estimating and budgeting considerations
  • Copyright of the "whole" and "assets" of the product
  • Negotiating and licensing intellectual property — music, stock footage and stills
  • Talent and Insurance ramifications
  • Distribution and monetizing your own projects

Gail Mooney is a photographer/filmmaker and co-partner of Kelly/Mooney Productions a visual communications company based in the NYC metro area. Gail has over 30 years of experience, shooting for international magazines, major corporations, and institutions. Her clients have included: National Geographic, Smithsonian, Travel & Leisure, and American Express.

A lifelong storyteller, Gail began her career as a still photographer. In 1999 Gail began creating video projects. Since then, she has become fully integrated with motion. She has produced three short documentaries: Freedom's Ride, a story about two diverse groups of high school students, retracing the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s; The Delta Blues Musicians; and Through the Hearts and Hands of Children about the NJ Youth Symphony.

In the spring of 2010 Gail and her daughter Erin embarked on a 99-day journey around the world. They were searching for people who are making a difference — ordinary people who believe they can make the world a better place, one person at a time. Their film, "Opening Our Eyes" is a 61-minute feature documentary that has screened in film festivals around the world. The trailer has been seen in over 150 countries!

On the previous day, Monday, May 6th, Gail will be presenting a screening of "Opening Our Eyes."