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ASMP-Mountain West & IMP

Capture Sharpness

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.


Sponsored by ASMP Mountain West, Idaho Media Professionals and Idaho Camera

Presented by photographers Mark Winchester & Mark VanderSys

This workshop will show you how to maximize the sharpness of your images while you capture them. Starting with a short discussion on the building blocks of optimum sharpness, you will get the opportunity to run your own camera/lenses through some tests to identify any potential compromises as well as lens sweet spots. It's not mandatory, but you are encouraged to bring your camera and 2 or 3 lenses to take advantage of this testing environment. We will run attendees through the stations in a priority order per registration. We hope to get everyone through but, to increase your chances, you’ll want to register early.

Full frame of image, wildlife in Kenya Tanzania,
©Mark Winchester
Closer View
©Mark Winchester

It can’t be a great image if it’s technically compromised. This program will help you become aware of potential barriers that are hindering your good images from being great!

  • Are you utilizing your current equipment to it's fullest potential?
  • Have you tested your camera/lens combos for potential front/back focus issues?
  • Are you doing everything possible to minimize camera/lens vibration during exposure?
  • Is your shooting technique second nature?
  • How sharp are your lenses and do you know their sweet spots/short comings?
  • Are you thrilled with the results of the latest and greatest camera you just bought?
  • Have you tested your shooting combos for benefit from AF Fine Tune/AF Micro Adjustment?

If you answered 'I don't know' or 'No' to any of the above, you need this workshop!

Discussion Section... Any discussion about how to achieve capture sharpness has to begin with the photographer: their knowledge of the subject and their gear, their ability to think through a particular capture opportunity, and their ability to maximize how their gear can capture that subject.

    Hands On Section...
  • Station: Camera+lens front/back focus test (with 2 or 3 lenses,
    test for AF issues)
  • Station: AF Fine Tune/AF Micro Adjustment test
  • Station: Lens sweet spot test
  • Station: Comparisons of different lenses

About the Presenters:

Wildlife photographer Mark Winchester loves capturing critters and celebrating the wild wherever he can find it.

Commercial & Fine Art photographer Mark VanderSys considers himself 70% creative and 30% technical/tinkerer. It's that 30% that drives Mark to push himself and his gear in unconventional directions, like using medium format lenses (with higher resolving power) while shooting 4x5 for sharper results (and yes, his tinkering has worked out a way to cover the complete 4x5 image plane).