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A Brave New Workflow: Part 1

Computing & Archiving Strategies

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

So you already need to upgrade your laptop. Or you're looking for a robust workhorse for shooting tethered in the studio. Or you have the 600 lb gorilla looking you in the eye wondering about backup and archiving. The options seem endless: Monitors, calibration, Color Munkis and Retina Displays; solid state drives; RAID systems and multiple terabyte hard drives; fully loaded Drobos with Thunderbolt connectivity. And what about off-site back-ups & cloud storage?

Don't take a hammer to it all yet... Photo U is coming to the rescue!

Chris Moll, former Photo Assistant & Digital Tech for Vedros & Associates, and now a part-time freelancer and Apple "Specialist", will guide us through the maze of options offered by Apple and other providers. Chris' wingman for the night, Beau Blochlinger, a "Mac Certified Software and Hardware Technician", will add depth and perspective to questions of archiving and beyond. There is an abundance of hardware options out there, but what makes sense from a financial, reliability and workflow perspective?

Come armed with questions and hear what the optimal solutions might be for your work and budget.