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ASMP-CO Presents

Video Bootcamp for Photographers

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Instructor Name: Victor Ha Class Name: A Video Bootcamp for Photographers.

Long Description: Come explore and learn the basic skills and elements needed in transitioning from the photography into HD Video. This two-day, hands-on, seminar will investigate the concepts of story telling and what tools, skills and concepts are required in moving beyond the still and into the world of HD Video.

Day 1:

But Wait Im a Photographer! How Video Applies to Your Photographic Profession The nuts and bolts of using an HDSLR to create video. Some basic filmmaking concepts Using your photographic tools to create video Essential video-based tools and why theyre important. Conceptualizing, planning and capturing a simple project. Planning your first project.

Day 2:

Filming your first project. Audio 101 Video Lighting 101 Editing 101

What the student needs to bring:

HDSLR Camera and Lenses Memory Cards Variable ND filters (if you have them) Notepad Computer

Instructor Bio: Victor Ha is a former professional photographer that has transitioned into understanding the complexities of HDSLR filmmaking and overcoming the various challenges involved with making a transition from shooting stills to capturing video. Victor takes a very practical approach in helping other photographers make the transition to HDSLR video by leveraging their photographic knowledge into filmmaking prowess.

What brand of laptop will you be instructing from: Macbook Pro

AV Requirements: A Projector AND Flat Screen TV and Speakers for Laptop Audio