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What Should I Charge?

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

“What should I charge”?

The title and topic of this discussion have been explored many times before, in a variety of formats and is still an entirely current and relevant subject. Pierre Dutertre and Alex McKnight presented their unique version of such a presentation to the regional conference of the Society of Photographic Educators last year in a packed house of seasoned professionals, artists, visual students and educators. Following a logical business format, Pierre and Alex tackle the fundamentals of pricing and their practical applications to an extended range of photographic genres. Both speakers have a combined 60 years of experience in the industry, as well as a solid track record in advertising, editorial, fine art, catalog, products, documentary and annual corporate reports. They keep many awards in storage containers as these gather too much dust, are progressive in their approach to an ever changing business model as well as aggressive in obtaining the right training and personal growth needed to be successful partners in the medium. This presentation will address the often ignored or misunderstood subjects of “costs of doing business”, successful research into usage rights, negotiating, estimating, market conditions and more, in a rambunctious and at times irreverent delivery. This is a lively and fun seminar, passionate and engaging, yet one based upon solid business principles that can be appreciated by seasoned professionals, emerging artists and visual students alike.