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ASMP-NE Presents

1/8/2013 Network to Get Inquiries, Negotiate to Make Them Clients!

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

One of the best ways to gain new prospective clients in this economy is through networking. And once you've been contacted by a prospect, intelligent negotiating and pricing skills will help you to convert her into a client. Join Blake Discher in this fast paced, "what would you do?" seminar as he shares what's worked for him during the recent downturn in the economy. Based in Detroit, networking helped his photography business remain viable in one of the hardest hit markets in the country. He'll gently help you to get outside your comfort zone and give you tips to begin the process of networking. You'll hear candid, frank advice on negotiating, pricing, and how to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You'll leave after just two hours with information and techniques that you can put to use the next day to improve your bottom line.