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ASMP-A/SA in association with NPPA Presents

Legal Issues for Photographers with Alicia Wagner Calzada - Nov. 16th, San Antonio, TX

About the Program

Do you know what your legal rights are as a photographer? What about your responsibilities as a professional and any potential liabilities that may result from your actions? Do you wonder what that "indemnity clause" means in the contract you're about to sign? Confused about why you should register your copyrights? In these days of ever changing digital technology, complicated contracts, work for hire, decreased budgets and even the fear of terrorism, knowing our legal rights and how they effect us and our businesses can be as important to our success as the ability to make great pictures.

In this seminar, Attorney and long time photojournalist Alicia Wagner Calzada will explain what photographers need to know about the law - to protect both ourselves and our clients, avoid sticky legal situations, better understand contracts, protect our intellectual property, and plan for the future.

About the Speaker

Alicia Wagner Calzada worked as a photojournalist for over 20 years before becoming an attorney and she now practices in the areas of First Amendment and Intellectual Property. Alicia is an attorney for the National Press Photographers Association, an NPPA Past President, and is the founder and chair of that group's advocacy committee. As a volunteer for NPPA, she launched the following successful resources and programs that support photojournalists: NPPA Short Grants; Independent Photographer's Toolkit; NPPA Cost-of-Doing Business Calculator; Find-a-Photographer; NPPA Advocacy Committee; Photojournalism Summit.

In addition to her work for the NPPA, Alicia works on litigation related to First Amendment and Intellectual Property and assists photographers with copyright and contract needs. In 2011 she was a part of a small coalition that obtained the successful passage of the Texas Citizens' Participation Act, one of the strongest Anti-SLAPP laws in the nation.

When possible, Alicia continues her work as a photographer. Her work has been published in national magazines and newspapers as well as several books. Examples of her work can be found at She writes a blog on the Anti-SLAPP law at and writes for the NPPA Advocacy blog at . Alicia is married to photojournalist Billy Calzada and lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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