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Adaptation: Running a Successful Photo Business in Today's Era of Smartphones, Tablets and Social Media

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Everyone is talking about using new technologies to provide new services to new and returning clients, but where do I start? Can I integrate these new opportunities with my existing photographic services?

Join Jay Kinghorn for this seminar and learn how to become a trusted partner and adviser to help your clients navigate the myriad visual marketing options, serving an integral and irreplaceable role in your clients' businesses.

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Seminar Topics

  • An overview of the new publishing and advertising landscape with an emphasis on the new publishing and advertising channels opening up on mobile devices.
  • Strategies for selecting the right multimedia outlets for your artistic vision and your clients' needs.
  • Insight into new business models and business opportunities along with tools for evaluating what's right for you and your clients.
  • Real world examples of how photographers today are building profitable, sustainable businesses by strategically pairing their strengths with clients' needs.
  • Learn how to evaluate the risks and rewards of potential ventures to help narrow your focus on outlets that are both creatively and financially rewarding.

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The Speaker

© Josh Blumental
© Josh Blumental

Prolific author, provocative speaker and Olympus Visionary photographer Jay Kinghorn guides companies in boosting their marketing efforts and brand awareness through the use of visual media. His company, Kinghorn Visual, focuses specifically on the strategic use of, creation of and distribution of Web/mobile video and other multimedia.

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