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ASMP-KC Presents

The ASMP-KC Print Swap

Prints and Pinot...or Pale Ale, or Pina Colada...

Summer is here! Join us at our THIRD ANNUAL print swap - a social gathering with a fine art twist.

Same game plan as the last two years - bring a new print of a favorite photo you've created. You'll draw from the hat to swap prints with a fellow photographer. Creating and viewing tangible, skillfully-made prints: this is what being a photographer is all about!

This year's print swap will be held at Ollie's Local. This friendly and happening "bar that serves food" in Martini Corner is only a year old but is already becoming a bit of a neighborhood favorite. Creative comfort food and a great bar selection. The first drink's on us!

General Guidelines for Prints

  • No images from commercial work, please. The idea is that the print you bring is something your fellow photographer will want to hang on their wall. We hope also you'll get inspired to create something new or outside of your comfort zone!

  • To participate in the print swap, you must contribute a print of your own. At least one print per person/entrant (maximum 2 or 3 prints). Everyone must bring a print.

  • Prints should be the best quality possible, printed on high-quality material (inkjet, C-print, or silver-gelatin), signed & sleeved. They may be mounted or unmounted. Not framed but must be suitable for framing.

  • Print Size: Maximum overall size 11"x14", minimum 8"x10" (with or without matte).

  • Your print swap partner will be selected by random drawing. After that, any additional swapping, bartering, shady deals, or begging is up to you!


Please RSVP now, and encourage your photographer friends to do the same.

Last year's swap was a blast. Although the event is free (other than bringing a print to swap), please register soon so that we can get an accurate estimate of the number of attendees.

Many thanks to ASMP-KC's sponsors for helping make these events possible: Vox Theatre | H&H Color Lab | 8183 Studio
Crick Camera Shop | Metal Mouth Prints