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ASMP-NE Presents

Donít be your own Worst Enemy: Lessons from Peter Vanderwarker

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Come join us for an evening with architectural photographer Peter Vanderwarker as he shares some of the lessons he's learned:

Over the course of a long career, the jobs I missed were mostly because of me. The other person got the job ó but if I had just thought a bit, I could have nailed a lot more work.

My enemies are the usual lot: fear, arrogance, lack of followup, depression, lack of focus. The list is endless. This lecture will consist of war stories that are hilarious and tragic, if only they were not so true.

With just a bit of self awareness, you can develop a direction that plays to your own strengths and avoids you own weaknesses. You can also become more creative about your work and your marketing.

It isnít easy, but it sure beats losing all those jobsÖ..Ö