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ASMP Tennessee Presents

ASMPTN Event: Pricing & Negotiating for Creatives

Changes in how photography is licensed and used have left even veteran photographers and creatives scrambling to calculate the true market value of their work. With prices all over the map, how do you figure out what to charge?

In this practical and incisive interactive seminar, Chris Hollo and Mark Mosrie draw on their experience in the industry to help photographers and creatives answer this critical question. Using real negotiations, estimates, and invoices from prior jobs and real projects, they will walk you through the process of identifying key negotiation points, leveraging opportunities to showcase your value, and calculating what the market will bear.

After a few sample cases, Chris & Mark will give attendees a hands on feel for negotiating a job by dividing into smaller groups where one person role-plays art buyer and another takes on the role of the artist, using pre-generated scenarios. A limited number of attendees will do the actual role-playing, but everyone who shares in the discussion will get unprecedented insights into what makes (or breaks) an effective negotiation.