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ASMPTN Presents

ASMPTN Workshop: Lightroom Workflows & Techniques

Lightroom Workflows & Techniques Workshop

Pick up a paddle, we're going to transform those rapids into smooth waters!

Photoshop Lightroom is Adobe's image processing and digital asset management software that delivers all the essentials so you can organize, edit, and share your images — quickly, easily, and powerfully — wherever you are. This sleek program is designed to be intuitive and less complex than its big brother Photoshop, which makes it easier to learn and master. Lightroom renders down the essential tools within Photoshop and then elevates them by allowing you to easily work with multiple images quickly.

Although Lightroom is generally easier to understand, parts of the workflow can be confusing as with any software. Instructor Colby McLemore will be starting in the kiddie pool for the first hour and a half, demonstrating a basic Lightroom workflow. Afterwards, Chris Hollo of Hollo Photographics will demonstrate the techniques that specialty in the business require.

If you are new to Lightroom, this workshop is a must, giving you the ability to wrap your head around the hardest part of an easy program. If you are experienced, this presentation just might show you a few tricks that you didn't know or a few steps that might save you time and therefore money.

So bring your laptop, a full or trial version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and your desire to learn for a hands-on demonstration of one of the most powerful tools in a photographer's arsenal!