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ASMP-NE Presents

November 10, 2015: Taking Care of Business ASMP Style

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

We all get into photography for the photography. Quickly, we find though if we don't handle the back end well, we may not be able to remain photographers. ASMPNE has organized a panel including financial planner Eric Roberge of Beyond Your Hammock, President of Taylor and Taylor Insurance Scott Taylor, and accountant Maurie Fox-Warren to help get / keep you on the right track.

We all live with the drawbacks to working for ourselves - double taxed, unpredictable income, lack of support etc. In this program, we'll discuss the smart business moves we can make as contract workers to minimize the problems we confront and take full advantage of opportunities you may not even be aware exist.

We'll answer questions like should I set up my business as a LLC, DBA or S-Corp? How can I budget for my monthly expenses / estimated taxes with my irregular income? Should I get an IRA, SEP, Roth IRA, HSA or something else to save for my retirement and how should I invest the money? Just what are all the insurances I should carry and adequate minimums? How can I legally and insurance wise protect myself and my family most effectively? Whether you're starting out or been in business for decades, our panel will have useful information for you. Also, there will be a silent auction for one of the Workbook Standard Portfolios valued at $2000 and a free door raffle a Think Tank bag.