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ASMP-CT Presents

Creativity and the Working Photographer

Few of us take up photography to have a job. We do it because we can let our minds wander, we can discover places we never dreamed were there. We do it because it is so much fun. And those are three big ingredients for creativity.

But when we start working for clients we have to focus our minds on specific outcomes go where we’re told to go. And as for fun… well, fortunately it can still be a lot of fun. But it’s not really creative.

Creativity, the constant discovery that renews us, is our taproot. And if we ignore it, it dries up and we get miserable. Nothing is more important for the working photographer than keeping it alive.

eBook Looking into the Light by Sean Kernan

Sean Kernan has been keeping work and soul in balance over the course of a long career and he has taught countless other photographers ways to do this too. He’ll talk about this show some examples, and he’ll get us to take our creativity out for a little run, right there on the spot.

Participants will receive a copy of his eBook, Looking into the Light: Creativity and the Photographer, a program of full recovery for the commercial photographer.

Sean Kernan

Sean Kernan is the author of two monographs, The Secret Books (with Jorge Luis Borges) and Among Trees (with Anthony Doerr). He has taught and lectured at the New School/Parsons, Art Center (Pasadena), Yale Medical School, ICP, University of Texas Wesleyan University, and has won numerous awards for his teaching work, most recently a Doctorate  (HC) from Art Center in Pasadena.

He has exhibited at museums and galleries in the US and around the world, and has partnered in media performance pieces at Mass MoCA and Guggenheim Projects in New York. He is currently working on a theater/dance/multimedia piece, The Drowned He has produced and directed two documentaries, The Kampala Boxing Club about boxing in Africa, and Crow Stories, about the Crow Tribe of Montana.

His photos have been published in the New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian, New York, Harpers, and many others, and he has done a wide range of advertising work for clients such as AT&T, Amex, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Dow Jones, Harvard, and Knoll.

Linsly-Chittenden Hall, Room 211
Yale University
New Haven, CT 06511