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ASMP-SFL Presents

An Informal Discussion of Copyright with Randy Taylor

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Randy Taylor, an ASMP South Florida Chapter member for nearly 20 years, is holding an informal off-the-record chat Wednesday night with photographers who are interested how copyright has become the epicenter of a raging battle between creators and those who make money off of providing access to your photos.

Taylor, a photojournalist since the 1970s and stock photographer for 20 years, moved to New York City where he founded a company - Copyright Defense League - that finds copyright infringements and recovers revenue for rights holders. His company has quietly identified over a million unauthorized online uses of photos, which have lead to millions of dollars in settlements and hundreds of legal actions.

His team has encountered every variation of defense argument and put some big time infringers out of business. In this informal gathering, Randy will convey his personal opinions about the state of copyright today, best practices for identifying infringers and about recovering lost licensing revenue, the emerging trends in copyright laws and the courts interpretation or adaptation of those laws.

Taylor notes he is not an attorney, and his insights are his personal opinions. ASMP South Florida is helping publicize Randy Taylorís evening chat as a service to chapter members.