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AZ/ASMP Presents

"Diving Into Your Career" with Poby

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “strategic reinvention” in the past few years. Pinning down what exactly it means or how to do it tends to be more difficult. ASMP Arizona/Phoenix is pleased to host Poby, a master of strategic reinvention. From life as a water polo player to life as one of the world’s top aquatic photography specialists, Poby has repeatedly reinvented his career and marketing plan to follow his dreams and build his career.

Join us on June 18th for an evening with Poby. He’ll begin with an overview of his unique career path, share a variety of his stunning modern work, and then offer his insights on how to reinvent your marketing to best work in today’s commercial photography market.

This will be a full evening event covering a variety of material, including:

  • An Introduction to Poby and his early career
  • Poby's modern work
  • Marketing strategies for commercial photography today
    • Websites vs Portfolios
    • Web Site Designs
    • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
    • Face-to-face Meetings and Road Trips
  • Q&A Time