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ASMP-POR Presents

Thinking and Shooting in Motion With Gail Mooney

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Thinking and Shooting in Motion - Finding a Business Model That Works for You

With the proliferation of electronic mobile devices we as a culture are changing the way we communicate and receive information. We have access to information wherever and whenever we want it. As photographers who shoot with cameras capable of shooting video, coupled with a greater demand for multiple mediums, we need to understand that there is a lot more to video than switching the mode on the camera.

Still images capture moments in time. Video captures time in motion. One thinks and shoots differently, depending on the medium used to capture the story and the platform used to deliver the visual message. Depending on the role you intend to play in video production; Producer, Director, Director of Photography etc., will depend on what business model will work for you and keep you in business.

Gail will talk about:
- The elements of video production - the collaborative effort
- How to shoot video NOT like a photographer
- Telling the story in motion
- Interview tips/Audio
- Business tips and paperwork in the "hybrid" world
- Where do you fit in?

Gail Mooney is a photographer/filmmaker and co-partner of Kelly/Mooney Productions, a visual communications company based in the NYC metro area. Gail has over 30 years of experience shooting for international magazines, major corporations, and institutions. Her clients have included National Geographic, Smithsonian, Travel & Leisure, and American Express.

In the spring of 2010, Gail and her daughter Erin embarked on a 99-day journey around the world. They were searching for people who are making a difference - ordinary people who believe they can make the world a better place - one person at a time. Their film, "Opening Our Eyes" is now finished. The trailer has been seen in over 135 countries - that's more than half the countries in the world. A trailer of Gail's new feature length documentary Opening Our Eyes will be shown.