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ASMP-CT Presents

Video Lighting for Photographers

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Photographers breaking into video production have to learn a whole new set of skills. Key among these is lighting. This seminar aims to provide attendees with a fundamental overview of video lighting best practices. This will include a description of the different types of lights that are available and how to apply them in different work scenarios to solve specific problems. Whether you are conducting an interview, shooting a wedding, or creating your first major production, this seminar is intended to help you effectively sort through the different aspects of video lighting.

To create this seminar, the Connecticut ASMP has partnered with one of our major sponsors, BarnDoor Lighting, a trusted provider of video and photography equipment based in North Branford. The seminar will be conducted at BarnDoor's studio where they will show examples of various lighting set ups, demonstrations, and provide valuable tips on how to plan for a shoot and keep from making mistakes.

What you will learn:

  • An overview of the different types of video lights - fresnel, LED, HMI, Kino Flo, tungsten, etc
  • How to match different types of lighting with specific needs, like interviews, weddings, travel, interior and exterior
  • Tips on what to consider when planning a shoot
  • Using different modifiers for different scenarios
  • Gelling for color balance or effect
  • The different video lighting packages available from BarnDoor

This seminar is for beginning videographers and photographers who are breaking into video production.