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ASMP-NE Presents

May 19, 2015 Pricing Aerobics with Todd Joyce

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Join us for an exercise in pricing as Commercial photographer and past president of ASMP, Todd Joyce ( will lead us through the difficult discussion and get beyond the taboo of talking about price. As photographers, we're constantly estimating, but how confident are we in the terms we use and the amounts we charge? Talking price can be difficult which is why ASMPNE is happy to host Todd for his Pricing Aerobics program at EP Levines (219 Bear Hill Rd., Waltham MA 02451) on Tuesday, May 19th.

Todd will discuss who our clients are and what they're thinking, The "value of you" and practical pricing info. Todd will present several photo projects for audience members to submit our estimates - anonymously. Todd will share his estimate for each job as well as the audience's estimates, proving to be a very educational and interesting evening of discussions.

Please remember, ASMP or its members cannot tell photographers what to charge; but Todd can discuss and share what he would charge.

Quotes from prior attendees: "After this program, I have a much better understanding of pricing." "Bravo! It was the perfect program for your chapter." "It's so difficult to talk about pricing and you broke the ice for all of us." "I saw so many people with their jaws dropped. You changed some perspectives tonight" "Why can't we all talk about pricing so frankly?"

Presenter Bio: Cincinnati-based photographer Todd Joyce is the president and owner of Joyce Photography, a commercial photography studio in business since 1991, specializing in photographing people in concepts for advertising. Clients include over the years, Pfizer, Proctor and Gamble, Chiquita, Christ Hospital, Shriner’s Hospital, Fifth Third Bank, Kodak, Mentos, USG, General Electric, Pitney Bowes and many other companies, magazines and websites. A former ASMP National board member and president, Joyce created his pricing program in 2009 and has presented it in seven cities around the country.