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ASMP-Greater Florida + Ringling College of Art & Design Presents

Understanding the Value of Your Work Within Multiple Markets: Mary Virginia Swanson

One of the most exciting recent developments for photographers is the growth of new markets for their work. It is increasingly common to see photographs made by collectible artists step beyond their gallery walls to be featured as illustration within powerful graphic design. Whether a fine print is shown in a museum setting or in a corporate office, reproduced as book cover illustration or featured within product advertising, the value of that photograph is different for each buyer. In this seminar, noted author/educator Mary Virginia Swanson will demystify new markets and assess the role photography plays within them. She will discuss how to identify new buyers of images who are likely to respond to the style/content of your work, and the most effective approaches when introducing yourself and your photography. Swanson will guide you in assessing the value of your work within today's diverse photography marketplace, and coach you on considerations artists must be mindful of when taking their artwork across multiple markets.

Mary Virginia Swanson is an author, educator and mentor to photographers. Mary has long been an advocate for the education of photographers, encouraging artists to become aware of multiple markets for their photographs, and to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit to maximize opportunities. During her career she has coordinated educational, exhibition and publication programs for a wide range of institutions and organizations. Her seminars, workshops and lectures on trends and opportunities in photography have aided countless photographers in moving their careers to the next level.

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