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The ASMP Staff

© Stanley Leary

Tom Kennedy
Executive Director
Tom governs all aspects of the Society's growth, working closely with ASMP's Board of Directors and Chapter Leadership. He represents ASMP at events throughout the country and internationally, and oversees membership, financial and legislative matters. Members are welcome to contact Tom concerning ASMP and its mission, as well as for advice on good business practices and related matters.
Contact Tom by e-mail or phone (215) 451-2767 ext 201.

© Shawn G. Henry

Elena Goertz
General Manager
Elena manages the Society's member benefit programs, new member enrollments and office administration. She is an important liaison with members and often attends ASMP events. Learn more about ASMP's many benefits by contacting Elena.
Contact Elena by e-mail or phone (215) 451-2767 ext 203

© Shawn G. Henry

Christine Chandler
Chris is responsible for day-to-day financial matters of the Society as well as Chapter fund allocations. She is happy to assist with billing and other financial questions.
Contact Chris by e-mail or phone (215) 451-2767 ext 209.