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Photography Competitions: What to Consider

While competitions can give your work visibility, be sure you understand the issues before you enter.

Google, Photographers Settle Litigation Over Books

Out-of-court agreement ends four years of litigation over the inclusion of visual works in Google Books

Jill Greenberg - 'Best of ASMP' Featured Artist

End Times, Greenberg’s most recent title, features crying young children set against her signature backdrop of radiating light. These portraits, made in 2006 as a response to the policies of the Bush administration, have evoked a dramatic viewer response — from hate mail to imitation and blatant image theft.

Ormond Gigli - 'Best of ASMP' Featured Artist

Gigli's Girls in the Windows is a classic. As a construction crew was dismantling the brownstones across from his Midtown Manhattan studio in 1960, Gigli quickly arranged to immortalize the structure by placing 43 glamorous women in the windows of the empty facade — and a signature image emerged from the skeletal framework.