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Best Of 2015 Call For Entries

The annual 'Best Of ASMP' selection process is now open for entries. In our XI year the emphasis is on your unique, compelling and cohesive vision. The jurors will look at how the imagery works as a body of work as well as the relative merits of each individual image/clip. EXTENDED submission deadline: June 6. ASMP members only.

Call to Action: Copyright Reform

ASMP seeks relevant comments, experiences and stories to consider in a comprehensive response to a recent U.S. Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry examining how photographs and other visual works are monetized, enforced and registered under the Copyright Act. Visit Copyright Reform for details.

Scott Gable - 'Best of ASMP' Featured Artist

Scott Gable visited six Asian countries over a continuous, four-month odyssey to document rice production and the culture surrounding it. His self-produced project Rice is the first segment of his three-part series on the world’s staple foods of rice, corn and wheat.

Toni Greaves - 'Best of ASMP' Featured Artist

Toni Greaves has always been interested in storytelling. “Visual narrative is part of my DNA,” she says. Her documentary assignment work and her long-term personal projects often explore themes of ritual, spirituality, community and healing...

Business As unUsual

ASMP Business As unUsual program will resume in September. To access previously recorded webinars and to learn about upcoming events, please go to Business As unUsual.