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Business As unUsual - January 14

Motion is a collaborative sport, but how do you take all those moving parts and turn them into a well-oiled machine? Photographer/director Rhea Anna illustrates how to build your team, manage roles and responsibilities, and inspire your collaborators to give you their very best. Register today!

Meet Tom Kennedy, the New ASMP Executive Director

ASMP invites you to join Tom for a candid online discussion about the future of ASMP. The conversation is open to current members and anyone thinking about joining (or rejoining) the ASMP.

elk: Erin Kornfeld & Erica Leone - 'Best of ASMP' Featured Artists

Whether they're shooting on location or in their daylight-filled Chelsea studio, elk — the moniker for New York-based photographers Erin Kornfeld and Erica Leone — have a style that is highly collaborative and full of fun.

Max Eremine - 'Best of ASMP' Featured Artist

Eremine views his work as a search for underlying order and beauty in the seeming chaos of life. Double exposures, DIY filters, pre-exposed or found film and mixed media are just some of the tools he employs during totally improvised, jam-session photo shoots.

Forest Service Head Upholds Press Freedom

An internal memo sent to US Forest Service officials re-emphasizes that journalism and news gathering will not require permits on National Forest Service lands. Non-news film crews will pay fees for access to locations where the public is not normally allowed, or where there is a substantial impact to the land.